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Four Heroines, Four Quests, One Destiny. 

Categories: Fiction, Stories; Characters: None; Genre: Action/adventure, Fantasy, Spiritual/supernatural
Warnings: Death, Occult, Violence

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Chapters: 3; Completed: No
Word count: 11363 Read: 43902
Published: 22/10/10 Updated: 23/10/10
Story Notes:

This began as a NaNoWriMo'09 attempt, and though it is the furthest I have got with any one piece, trying to write a novel, pass midterms, and research a term paper all at once was a bad plan and it is very very far from finished. 

I have trouble rating pieces, as reading level and content get all confuzzled. This is a tentative Teen, though I haven't written the scary bits yet :P.


Either just enjoy, or criticize to your hearts content, I like both!

1. Prologue (of DOOM!) by ElviraStarkeeper [Reviews - 1] (454 words)

Prologuey prologue of prologueness!

2. Chapter One: Origins by ElviraStarkeeper [Reviews - 1] (4396 words)

3. Chapter Two: Departures by ElviraStarkeeper [Reviews - 0] (6513 words)

Rough version. I think just knowing it will be read soon has made me type more carefully, but i have been staring at my screen for many hours and my eyes probably couldn't tell an apostrophe from a hole in the ground right now. :P

I hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it! Eeeeek it was fun!