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Tauriel is banished, Legolas can not go home, and Aragorn is struggling to come to terms with his identity. When fate brings them together they must learn to overcome their issues and work together if they are to survive the war to come.

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Warnings: Death

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Published: 11/01/15 Updated: 28/03/15
Story Notes:

This story relies on movie canon and pulls at those loose threads left by Peter Jackson in The Hobbit.

1. Partings by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (1381 words)

Warning: themes include death, grief, rejection, and prejudice.

2. Meetings and Greetings by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (2566 words)

Movie and book canon collide with fanon here. I just like the idea that Legolas and "Strider" have a history that predates Lord of the Rings. I have tried to stay close to Tolkien's vision, though.

3. Many Questions by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (2941 words)

Per Tolkien, Legolas and the sons of Elrond know each other. It is heavily implied that they are twins and that they work closely with their Dúnedain kinsmen. If Legolas meets up with Strider, he would at some point meet the twins. In my invented back story, Legolas was fostered by Elrond. This has complicated his relationship with his father and provided a neat hurt/comfort angle for the story — and a reason to bond with Elrond's sons.

4. Enemies And Allies by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (2725 words)

Warning: this gets a little steamy in places as Tauriel imagines what it would have been like had Kili lived. Oh, and there's a violent battle scene with lashings of gore.

5. Into The Unknown by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (3298 words)

Warning: some spoilers for the Special Extended Edition, where I've worked in some of the elements I've seen so far on YouTube.

6. At The Prancing Pony by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (3353 words)

Well it was never going to be a secret, was it? Tauriel has some 'splaining to do and struggles to fit in with the team. Bilbo has a cameo.

7. Shapes In The Mist by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (1303 words)

Tauriel and Legolas have a heart to heart discussion in the gathering gloom, but where have Strider, Elladan, and Elrohir gone?

8. An Unexpected Party by Candy Kane [Reviews - 0] (3144 words)

I thought it might be fun to introduce Tauriel to another character left out of the PJ adaptations of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to lighten the mood after a near-death experience.