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I've grown up in a storytelling household. My first recorded story was written when i was three, and recorded a couple of years later on the family typewriter. What it lacked in spelling, it made up for by being about three cats, which are awesome. They were named Ssss, Parsley, and Melissa. In a neighbourhood bordering the forest with a story telling mother and an avid reader of a father who didn't have television, i quickly developed an avid imagination. The downside was the electricity bill resulting from countless nights with the light on (earlier to ward off monsters, later from reading after bedtime), while the up side was that i never stopped writing. My first real attempt at a full length novel was begun on July 11th, 2003. I am still working on an unrecognisable version of that, along with many, many others. 

The main genre in which i work is fantasy, but i occasionaly venture a little way into semi-historical fiction and sci-fi. My major works are full length novels to be, but poems, short stories, and the occasional attempt at a screenplay sometimes crawl out of my brain.

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Four Heroines, Four Quests, One Destiny. 

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