Membership Agreement

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Membership Agreement

Postby Shuggy » Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:11 pm

Membership Agreement

By posting on the Forum you agree to abide by this Membership Agreement and any directions made by the Moderating Team.

We encourage friendly and lively discussions on the forum and hope that civility will be the norm. Please keep in mind that having your views challenged or debated should not be considered unfriendly or uncivil. Both the forum and the archive are for a mostly mature audience, so moderators are not here to stop all disagreements between members. We ask that you handle your own arguments provided they remain within reasonable civility. In the same way, we hope that criticism of any aspect of the content posted here will not sow discord among members of this site.

The Forum is read by many people in many different locations so consider if the content you are posting is "NSFW" (Not Suitable For Work). Please err on the side of caution and if you are not sure if something is NSFW mark it as such and provide a clear warning to other Members of the nature of the content or check with a member of the Moderating Team before making your post.

Rules for all sections of the Forum (includes private messages & visitor messages and any other kind of post)

Above all: be civil and polite.

1. You will not post anything that can be considered to be potentially criminal - such posts will be moved offline and referred to the appropriate authorities. If you're in ANY doubt before posting, either do not post or consult a member of the Moderating Team.

2. You will not post anything that is pornographic, obscene, or contains excessive reference to violence and/or explicit sexual acts. This includes linking directly to such content from the Forum.

3. You will not post anything that demonstrates a clear and present danger to the welfare of another person, or otherwise tends to create alarm or apprehension that the welfare of any person is in imminent jeopardy - such posts will be moved offline and referred to the appropriate authorities.

4. You will not post "copyrighted" material in its entirety and do not post large amounts of material available from other sites.

5. You will not "hotlink" unless it is explicitly allowed by the website.

6. You will not spam, flood or otherwise post in a manner that disrupts the functioning of the Forum, this includes using disruptive formatting in your posts.

7. You may only have one Membership account. Only the person registering an account may use it.

8. You may only post a Member's personal information if it is both publicly available and is relevant.

9. Swearing is permissible within reason, but is not encouraged. ‘Within Reason' shall be judged by the Administrators/Moderators.

10. You will not covet your neighbour's wife's oxen.


•Items posted in the wrong category may be moved. Some stories may be split to one or more new chapters to make them easier to follow. Duplicate stories will be deleted.

•We ask Members to consider using the report button to report posts they believe breach the Membership Agreement. Please refrain from publicly stating that you have reported a post though, since that tends to achieve nothing more than further derailment and bickering. The report button may also be used to make requests for "housekeeping" such as editing titles, and in general for bringing things to the attention of the Moderating Team. It should not be used to make attacks against other Members.

Warnings, Suspension & Banning

•While there are several methods available for the Moderating Team to issue warnings it is the content of the warning that is important and any and all warnings should be considered to have equal weight.

•Members who have ignored prior warnings or committed a serious breach of their Membership Agreement may have their Membership suspended for a period of time or even be banned. Decisions to ban or suspend are made by the Administrators.

The Forum does not use a points system to determine actions and there is no minimum or maximum number of warnings or suspensions required before stronger action is taken. History, context and the severity of a breach are all taken into account to determine the appropriate action.

If you have any issues with this Membership Agreement, please raise them in the 'Questions/Problems' Forum, or PM an Admin.

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