Charity clicker sites - updated list

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Charity clicker sites - updated list

Postby Keith » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:00 am

Sites you can visit and click buttons/links to make free donations to charity (paid for by advertising etc.), as seen on RB That Was. Below is the current list I keep in my Bookmarks folder - note that clicking through all of them one at a time is very time-consuming, so I recommend using tabbed browsing to open one set at a time.

The _____ Site ... s?siteId=1 Click to Give @ The Hunger Site ... s?siteId=2 Click to Give @ The Breast Cancer Site ... s?siteId=5 Click to Give @ The Child Health Site ... s?siteId=6 Click to Give @ The Literacy Site ... s?siteId=4 Click to Give @ The Rainforest Site ... s?siteId=3 Click to Give @ The Animal Rescue Site

Care2 Children Rainforest Big Cats Breast Cancer Pets Seals Oceans Primates Global warming ... nst-women/ Stop Violence Wolves Click to Give Healthy Smiles Click to Help Haiti

CauseClicks 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Multiple click sites (multiple buttons on one page) - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free! (The number of buttons on this page varies from month to month and over the course of the month; the set nearest the top of the page is the current one, the ones below the line underneath that are the ones that have been 'filled' for this month.) ripple

Set 1 (no click required; just open the page) ... kyocharity KCT MaterCare International World of Good Community Click to Donate!

Set 2 World Hunger Notes Woord en Daad Armoedebestrijding Tree 4 Life Welcome to the Canadian Landmine Foundation The Stop HIV Site

Set 3 Okruszek Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund Greiner-Maltz The Environment Pajacyk

Set 4 Hungry Children, Hungry Child, Help a Child, Feed a Child Craig Research Labs die Waldseite click to help! To plant an oak with your click. Welcome to Hunger Fighters

Set 5 Convert your Click into Solar Energy Clique Semi-Arido ... nglish.htm Asociacion Civil Por Los Chicos - Free Donations Global e-Inclusion Movement E-philanthropy

Set 6 RedJellyfish (2 buttons) Donera pengar YouthNoise Landcare Niagara CHINTAI The 50 mile Race For The Rainforest

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