Which is your favorite TV show?

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Re: Which is your favorite TV show?

Postby Halasian » Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:13 am

Some of the old TV shows I tend to (re) watch when I can...

  • Tour of Duty - I have the DVD set, and a set of burned DVDs I bought from a guy who transferred his VHS recordings to The original broadcast has the original soundtrack.
  • Mash - It runs eternally on one of TV 10's channels. I know then all by heart, but still find them entertaining.
  • China Beach - A quirky show set in 'Nam. I think they were trying to be the 'nam version of MASH, and I didn't watch it when it aired in the 80's because it was slotted opposite my other fav 'Nam series Tour of Duty. Had a partial VHS recording of it, but need to find the DVD... bootleg is all there is out there.
  • Combat - My fav show as a kid. We kids in the neighborhood all wanted to be Sgt Saunders when we played army.
  • Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Aside from the original, this is my favorite Star Trek TV franchise
  • Black Sheep Squadron - Enjoyed this when it was aired as 'Ba Ba Black Sheep, and found it on one of TV 7's alternate channels. A bit corny and no where near the true tale, but still fun.
  • Twilight Zone - A bit dated, but the brilliance of this show still comes through.
  • Stargate SG1 - I got in late on this, and spent the off season watching the earlier seasons. Was quite entertaining. Even watched the Atlantis franchise.
  • Merlin - The reasons for it's recently quick demise aside, I enjoyed this series and don't mind watching the re-runs.
  • The Pretender - It was an odd show that I enjoyed watching. Andrea Parker was the perfect bitch!
  • VR-5 - A short, single season series that aired in 1995 that FOX killed off too early. Quirky and intriguing. The tech was quickly dated, but it was a good show.
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