The Passage

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The Passage

Postby resoundingjoy » Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:59 pm

Has anyone read this book by Justin Cronin? I actually started reading it in a bookstore this summer (over multiple trips to said bookstore during a very long internship away from home), and put myself on multiple library holds lists when I got back home. Of course, it ended up coming to me in e-book form first, so I ended up reading all eight hundred something pages on a computer (not very fun).

Here's an excerpt of a review I wrote: "The story follows the scientific experiments being conducted on a dozen death-row inmates who have been transferred to a special, carefully guarded and staffed facility. The activities are never made explicitly clear, but we are given the perspective of a number of the staff and their experiences with the subjects, the last of whom is a little girl named Amy. The novel jumps quickly from the initial escape of the vampires (also referred to as lights or stars, while their infected victims are called virals), to the aftermath, and the introduction of the First Colony in the republic of California, a group of survivors who will carry the bulk of the remaining pages. The characters are plentiful, but represent a wide range of the remains of humanity; Cronin does not shy away from killing off characters, though in an interview he does warn that if the reader did not see them die, they may not really be dead.

One caveat to this novel, which I vaguely remembered after coming to the end of it, is that it is the first in a trilogy, so despite the hundreds of pages, many threads are left untied at the end. Indeed, events continue rolling right up to a multiple cliff-hanger ending, so if you are one of those people who absolutely has to know what happens next, you may want to wait until 2014 when the last book of the trilogy is scheduled to be published. This is definitely a novel which will consume a great deal of reading time, and some may be disappointed to get to the end and be left hanging, but there is plenty going on in this first volume to keep you busy. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Cronin reclaimed vampires as something dangerous and deadly; I also liked the sci-fi slant to the origin of vampires, and the idea that the darkness is something to be a little wary of."

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Re: The Passage

Postby Azriel » Sat Sep 04, 2010 5:08 pm

I've never heard of it, but that sounds really interesting. I like that kinda thing - scientific experiments creating mutants with special abilities and stuff.
Will have to add it to my ever-growing to-read list. Probably by the time I get around to it, the others in the trilogy will be out.
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