Farewell My Lovely

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Farewell My Lovely

Postby Halasian » Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:01 am

I caught a bit of Farewell My Lovely on TV the other day, and realized HI hadn't watched, or read the book, in many years. Robert Mitchum made a good Phillip Marlowe in this movie.

"The room was full of smoke... The smoke hung straight up in the air in thin lines; straight up and down, like a curtain of small clear beads. It didn't dissolve; didn't float off; didn't move... It was a grey web woven by a thousand spiders... I wondered how they'd got them to work together... Okay, Marlowe, I said. You're a tough guy. Six feet of iron man; one hundred and ninety pounds stripped and with your face washed; hard muscles and no glass jaw - you can take it. You been sat down twice; you been shot full of hop, and kept under it until you was crazy as two waltzing mice... And what does all that amount to? Routine. Now, let's see you do something *really* tough... like gettin' up... I crawled along the floor thinking... 'How the hell can I get under that door?'..."
Dunedain Ranger in the Shadows

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