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Re: My dear Joon...

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:14 am
by shireling
I just saw that my DNA results are in...

Okay. I'm going to open them now. And it says

46% - Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein - whoa!
39% - Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine,
Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia - yep, there's gotta be gypsies in there!
6% - Italy, Greece
4% - England, Scotland, Wales *fist pump*
3% - Ashkenazi Jewry - WOW!
98% it's never 100. Even paternity tests aren't.

But I am just gob-smacked! It's not what I expected. I figured on Eastern Europe as the major provider, but not Western. And a smidgen of Ashkenazi besides! It's only 3% but to find any at all, that is really special! :) I am just blown away. :8


Re: My dear Joon...

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:08 pm
by shireling
The pipes didn't break. I'm so glad I was wrong about that. Everything just melted and the washer is back online, thank God.

We've had our January thaw. It was in the 50s on Thursday, and our kitchen and household stuffs are nicely stocked. I'm searching for another meal I can make quickly, and today we're having kielbasi and German potato salad. We go out to eat twice a week - Tuesdays are Chop Suey, Fridays Steak 'n Shake - so with the three veggie pastas, and the mushroom & clam chowder, I needed just one more.

To call them veggie is an injustice to the pastas. They're zucchini or spinach, combined with lentils - I'm not standing at the sink, turning out ribbons to cook. They're high in protein and very filling. I'm pairing each one with a vegetable side; Italian green beans w/ rottini marinara, cauliflower w/ rottini Alfredo , and broccoli w/ mac 'n cheese penne. The trouble is my freezer is so small. I just don't room for another dinner, well, I would if the Honey would give up his blueberry waffles. But that's just not happening, and besides, it's not fair. The man eats oatmeal six days a week and this is his one true enjoyment. He has them with fruit yogurt instead of butter and syrup, and I think that's what helps to keep his blood sugar so well.

Food for us is like adoption; it takes two yeses. If he doesn't like it, I'll look for something else. The great thing about the potato salad and sausage though, is that I can keep one in the pantry and the other in the meat bin. I was hoping to find a ravioli that I could store in the fridge that was filled with squash, but those are also frozen. I worry about cutting myself so I'm not getting raw produce anymore; the last time I made perogis, I sliced into a finger and that was the end of that. So, I'm keeping my unwounded fingers crossed that he's okay with this.

Last week, I saw an Independent Lenses documentary by Jennifer Brea. She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and she made this in order to keep track of her own illness and that of others around the world. As of her film, there are 1 million cases in the US, 17 million worldwide. In Denmark, people are being stolen from their families and placed in psychiatric hospitals, by the government (!) simply because the doctors don't believe this isn't psychosomatic. It's an autoimmune disease, like diabetes, so instead of neurologists - whom I've been seeing - it should be an endocrinologist. But because of the diabetes, they won't see me, and the neurologists - all four of them - have been saying this is all in my head - sounds familiar. It was weird to watch these folks go hammer and tongs through their day, only to collapse moments later. It might not seem like the same, but there is so much that is similar.

Years ago, I was just like that. Going on and on, and then not being able to stay awake. I fell asleep in classes, and at work - all of which I'd forgotten, it'd been so long ago. I'd feel exhausted, I'd have trouble speaking - which is what Colette complained to me about, saying that my speech was "unhelpful". I can't remember the exact word she used but it is in that ballpark. I'm wondering if the tremor and balance issues are residuals from that. I only saw a tremor once in the film; a very young woman was helped to sit on the side of her bed. Her dad stayed by her side, and as he laid her back down, she shook. I mean, really shook, hard. It was the only tremor I saw in the whole 90 minutes. And as for noise, I also have trouble with that - though in my case, it increases my tremors; drumming, which is so popular now, makes me want to scream. It's virtually impossible to avoid it, and in the eyes of some, it's been taken as racist to excuse myself whenever the instruments are brought out. It's painful, but how do I explain it when most of the world won't believe it.

So, I figure, this could very well be what I've got. And since I'm not getting the care that I need from the specialists who should be seeing me and won't, I'm self-diagnosing and I'm going with this.

Right now, I'm managing. I'm taking care of me and our home, my honey and our kitty, and of Girlfriend, without whom nothing would be physically possible. I have a cane and a rollator, and people who will help in a pinch. By the time I'm ready for Medicare, I'll be able to get my propers. But, until then...

The roads are very bad. Lots of accidents, power outages, so we're staying inside, hopeful that things improve for Michael's visit tomorrow. The TV's on behind me and that's all I hear - terrible slide-offs, trucks overturning, and head-ons :( . We had spring temperatures yesterday, and now we're back at zero. We missed his last one due to the cold, but if it's bad, we're all better off if we don't see him.

Take care, my joons. Be safe.


Re: My dear Joon...

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:48 am
by shireling
My Aunt Frances died this past Thursday.

She was my mom's oldest sister, who was in her 90's with Alzheimer's, and the one that I got Bev and myself in trouble with. It was back, more than a year ago, when Bev told me that she'd been to my cousin's and saw my aunt being left alone in a locked house while she went to work. My sister wanted them to do something, and gave them a limited amount of time to act. Well, when I heard about it, I couldn't just sit there. I felt an obligation, and called Adult Protective Services of the county where I grew up. The next thing I know, there's a SWAT Team, and the street's closed off, and my male cousin, the attorney? The one who should know better? He wants my phone number and my head on a platter, order unimportant.

But, Bev got to see Francie in the nursing home, and sent me pictures. She was asleep at the time, and Bev said she was clean, her hair was soft and she was all cozy and warm. This is one of the two


Sorry, I don't know how to rotate it. It was the 26th Anniversary of our mom's death, October 23rd, when this photo was taken. There won't be a funeral. Just a cremation with her kids and their families in attendance. They're still annoyed *shrug*. It just seemed to me, at the time, that they got used to her in decline, and didn't realize what it would look like to somebody from the outside. They weren't prosecuted for it; I called the station and politely asked :wtf: with the SWAT, etc., wanting to know if they'd be in trouble. I was told no, and that was enough for me. But Cousin H will be pissed for a very long time - his dignity, you know. Btw, I'm adding, she was widowed back in the early 70's; my uncle died shoveling snow, and when she saw him on the ground, outside the living room window, she ran out in her slippers - first to him and then to a neighbor's house for help - losing one in the snow. It was found the following spring.

For many years, she was inconsolable. He had been the first of my parents' generation to die. She bought a puppy for companionship; it looked like a terrier, and was supposed to grow to that size. But, in six months, it was a big as a German Shepard and pooping all over her kitchen (so much for judging by the paws.) My dad helped her to buy a car; Cousin H was a real sweetheart about that too, as if my father didn't care about his wife's sister :roll: . Come to think of it, both of my parents battled him and his wife over the decades. My brother said, referring to our uncle, "He's been waiting patiently." I wish them both the best in the Worlds of God. I could just see them, playing pinochle with my folks and Frank & Annie - where they'll get the cards and pennies, I don't know.

Anyway, saw Michael yesterday. We went out to the farmer's market and they were closed. All of them, all down the road, from what it looked like. I didn't realize they would shut down like that. So, it was to Wendy's for lunch and back home he went. But we were all so happy that the roads were passable. We hadn't seen him since Christmas.

And so much for my no shopping year.

What's at Etsy? I wondered. Maybe just take a peek? I thought. What could it hurt? I said. Well, 25 bucks later, I've bought three Scottish brooches, set with real agates, and with one of them signed by an artist named Weiner. I've wanted one ever since I saw that portrait of Richard III, with such a one pinned to his hat. And they're a good size, too. Frailty, thy name is Sara. I can't wait till they get here :yay: .

Another storm is breezing in today. Just what we need - NOT. Be safe and keep warm, joon-ams.


Re: My dear Joon...

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:26 pm
by shireling
We finally went out today.

The storm that came through late Sunday night, left a beautiful blanket of snow over everything - beautiful as long as you're not out in it.
But the property manager has gotten his act together, and our sidewalks and lot are well-plowed. My upstairs neighbor got stuck trying to back out on Sunday, so Renee and I tried to push from the hood. What finally got her moving was driving up onto the sidewalk, and reversing from there. That's what got us out of our space this morning; I got it on the second try.

So far I've done pretty well with the water drinking, etc. I've been keeping a bag of roasted almonds in my Tardis cookie jar, eating six of them at a time for snacks. I've been at this for a couple of weeks, with one main meal (with the Honey) and five snacks to fill out the rest of the day. The snacks, besides the almonds, are three slices of gouda on Ritz, or a Glucerna shake. But if I do those last two, it's only once a day for each. And I haven't needed a nap :/ . Not for the past three days. Very odd. But last night, I was so hungry that I made myself two sandwiches - one was a sort of grilled cheese (two pieces of toast with three slices between, and nuked for 20 seconds), and the other was about 1/4 cup of crunchy peanut butter between untoasted bread :paperbag: . O Lord, were they good! And I didn't feel like I'd spoiled my plan at all. That would be exactly how I'd feel in the past, but this morning, it's another day and it's like that never happened. I'm well into the day, and I'm on track.

Yesterday afternoon into the night, a car horn was blowing on and off in the parking lot. It was aggravating, and I did finally break down and call the police. After the first hour of this, I thought maybe it might be somebody in distress - stuck in the car, can't get out, maybe wounded by an arrow. In my younger days, I would go down and investigate on my own. But now, I pity anybody whose only rescue is me. You haven't seen me so you can't imagine :lol:, but the worse case scenario is that I'd need saving too. Anyway, our finest came to check it out, but that made no end to the beeping. Somebody was yelling at whomever to stop, but that did nothing to remedy the situation either. With any luck, that won't happen again today.

Well, I'm off to check the mail, and bring back a glass of water to my desk. Have a blessed rest to your day.