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Code Geass fanfiction

Postby Keith » Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:20 am

I have no idea whether anyone here watched or even knows of the anime series Code Geass, but on the off-chance, here are three ongoing fanfics I've written for it:

Code Geass: Children of the Revolution
AU. Don't you hate it when you're having a nice game of Take Over The World with your friends and your little sister wants to play too? When Nunnally discovers Lelouch's identity as Zero, she decides to help him in any way she can.

Code Geass: Nunnally of the Liberation
When Lelouch is assassinated during the invasion of Japan, Nunnally is taken in by the Sumeragi family. With Suzaku at her side, she plans to strike back at Britannia and free her adopted homeland. AU, Suzaku/Nunnally.

Code Geass: Nunnally of Britannia
AU. "Arise, Nunnally Waldstein, Knight of Seven." Cast out of the Imperial Family after the murder of her mother and brother, Nunnally is adopted by the Knight of One and forges a new path for herself...

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