(dialogue contest entry)

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(dialogue contest entry)

Postby shireling » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:24 pm


(Bus stop in NZ. Fair-haired elderly man sits reading newspaper. His grey eyes scan the rag as another man toddles into view. He is about the same age, Scottish and wearing a green scarf.)

Billy: “Excuse me, mate, but is this seat taken?”
Dom: “No.”
Billy: “You mind if I sit here?”
Dom: “No – please yourself…”

Billy: “Thank you. Oh God, this brings back memories. We used to come here all the time, my wife and me, I mean. She just loved the smell of the cinnamon rolls from Fran’s.”
Dom: “Fran’s?”
Billy: “Fran’s Bakery. It used to be over there, where the PJ Tea Room is now. I don’t remember when they closed it, but now its five blocks down and four over. It’s quite a walk for the old girl, glad she doesn’t mind. By the way, Bill’s the name – Billy to me near and dear.”
Dom: “Dominic, but everybody calls me Dom…”
Billy: “Pleased to meet you.”
Dom: “Likewise.”

Billy: “Yeah…it seems like yesterday when I proposed to her. It was right here, matter of fact, on this very bench.”
Dom: “You don’t say.”
Billy: “Yeah, and I was just back from a job in Wellington, and…I’m boring you.”
Dom: “No. No you’re not. Really.”
Billy: “You’re trying to read the paper and I’m here disturbing you…”
Dom: “No, really. I’m listening.”
Billy: “You’re sure?”
Dom: “Yes…What was going on in Wellington?”
Billy: “Oh – a job. I was an actor then…”
Dom: “You were? No kidding! So was I – once…”

Billy: “No!”
Dom: “Yes. In fact I had work in Wellington too.”
Billy: “When?”
Dom: “Oh Lord…it was – let me see – about 1999, 2000 or so – some fifty years ago. It was big project, I mean huge – a movie on a very grand scale. Three of them in a row, in fact.”

Billy: “How odd? I was here for something really massive as well. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turns out we both worked on the same thing?”
Dom: “Hysterical – but we would have met, don’t you think? I remember it being filmed over a year and a half and another two years or so coming back and doing pickups.”

Billy: “That is so strange! So do I! But why can’t I place you? You do look familiar.”
Dom: “As do you. Hey, you remember some little Yank, perky with these huge blue eyes?”
Billy: “No can’t say as I do – wait! Yeah I do! Funny giggle, could fall asleep anywhere, loved music – really loud music. He always carried around a suitcase full of CDs…”
Dom: “CDs?”
Billy: “You know what we had before they got rid of them. What was his name?”
Dom: “Oh, I had it right on the tip of my tongue. The name sounded like nature preserve. I can even see the little bugger…”
Billy: “I remember playing this joke on him, this game called ‘tig’ – or was it ‘teg’. Maybe it was ‘tog.’ You were in on it…I think.”
Dom: “Hmmm. I don’t remember anything like that at all.”
Billy: “Oh…”

Dom: “Well, what was the name of the film you were in?”
Billy: “Ah, Lord Something…”
Dom: “Odd name.”
Billy: “No, no – it was Lord of something, but I can’t seem to remember what it was…”
Dom: “It does sounds vaguely familiar – no bells ringing though. What was it about?”
Billy: “Some lord…”
Dom: “Right…Then, who did you play?”
Billy: “This guy named Pippin.”
Dom: “Oh, yeah? The son of Constantine?”
Billy: “Yeah, that’s right! Who did you play?”
Dom: “His name was Merry.”
Billy: “Funny, I don’t remember anybody in drag?”
Dom: “No, not Mary – Merry, like Christmas – but I can’t remember what it was all about. I draw a total blank here.”

Billy: “I do seem to remember this elderly chap – wore a big pointy hat, had a booming voice with a long grey beard, and this other guy, who wore this jewelry and who was always in need of a shower, kicked arse right and left like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, they both could use a wash. Another guy with a horn..."
Dom: "Was he any good?"
Billy: "Actually, I don't know. He could only play one note. Oh – and this leggy blonde chap with a bow and arrows, a really short guy with an axe and this other guy – another Yank, chubby sort – who said something to me like, ‘You’ve had a whole half already’.”
Dom: “What the…? A whole half of what?”
Billy: “I can’t imagine…”
Dom: “Maybe we dreamed it – or it’s one of them race memories…”
Billy: “Or an alien abduction. I know, we were hypnotized…”
Dom: “My mother always said I was too dense to be hypnotized. But it was fifty years ago after all…”

Billy: “You’d think even after fifty years you wouldn’t forget, especially if it was as big as we both think it was.”
Dom: “I know…God, I hate getting old.”
Billy: “I’m not fond of it either – ah, here she comes. Dom, I want you to meet my lovely bride, Miranda. Miranda, my love, this is Dom.”

(Tall woman, whitish blonde hair to her shoulders with a sweet smile enters. She wears a scabbard with a shield slung over her back. In her hand is a bag of pastries.)

Miranda: “Hello. Say, don’t I know you?”
Dom: “Maybe, and you do look familiar. Are you from around here?”
Miranda: “Australia, actually. How do you know my husband?”
Dom: “It seems we were in some huge flick five decades back, but neither one of us can remember the name of the thing.”
Billy: “You’ve always been good with names, love. Do you remember something with Lord in the title?”
Miranda: “From fifty years ago? Billy! Don’t mind him. He thinks I have the memory of an elephant. Please. Here, drink your cocoa before it cools…”
Billy: “Got me a cinnamon roll?”
Miranda: “Baker’s dozen. I’m not going to walk that far for just twelve. Would you like one – Dom, is it?”

Dom: “Oh, they smell and look lovely. *sigh* Thanks but I’ve got to watch my cholesterol these days. Well, that’s my bus. It was very nice meeting the two of you. Sorry I couldn’t remember – I know we’ve met before. You both look so very familiar to me. It’s a pity.”
Billy: “Tis at that. Maybe we’ll meet up again sometime and it’ll all come flooding back.”
Dom: “I’d like that. Goodbye Bill, good talking to you. Lovely meeting you, Miranda.” (exits)

Miranda: “Nice man that…if a bit odd.”
Billy: “Thanks for the cocoa, love. Hmm, that’s funny…”
Miranda: “What?”
Billy: “There’s no taste to it. My buds are all asleep.”
Miranda: “I wouldn’t worry, Bill. Give a chance. Maybe you just forgot.”

"He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God." - Aeschylus

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Re: (dialogue contest entry)

Postby ashbow » Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:16 pm

Great piece Shireling...I didn't catch on at first, until they mentioned who they were playing.

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