(dialogue contest entry)

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(dialogue contest entry)

Postby shireling » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:24 pm


(Bus stop in NZ. Fair-haired elderly man sits reading newspaper. His grey eyes scan the rag as another man toddles into view. He is about the same age, Scottish and wearing a green scarf.)

Billy: “Excuse me, mate, but is this seat taken?”
Dom: “No.”
Billy: “You mind if I sit here?”
Dom: “No – please yourself…”

Billy: “Thank you. Oh God, this brings back memories. We used to come here all the time, my wife and me, I mean. She just loved the smell of the cinnamon rolls from Fran’s.”
Dom: “Fran’s?”
Billy: “Fran’s Bakery. It used to be over there, where the PJ Tea Room is now. I don’t remember when they closed it, but now its five blocks down and four over. It’s quite a walk for the old girl, glad she doesn’t mind. By the way, Bill’s the name – Billy to me near and dear.”
Dom: “Dominic, but everybody calls me Dom…”
Billy: “Pleased to meet you.”
Dom: “Likewise.”

Billy: “Yeah…it seems like yesterday when I proposed to her. It was right here, matter of fact, on this very bench.”
Dom: “You don’t say.”
Billy: “Yeah, and I was just back from a job in Wellington, and…I’m boring you.”
Dom: “No. No you’re not. Really.”
Billy: “You’re trying to read the paper and I’m here disturbing you…”
Dom: “No, really. I’m listening.”
Billy: “You’re sure?”
Dom: “Yes…What was going on in Wellington?”
Billy: “Oh – a job. I was an actor then…”
Dom: “You were? No kidding! So was I – once…”

Billy: “No!”
Dom: “Yes. In fact I had work in Wellington too.”
Billy: “When?”
Dom: “Oh Lord…it was – let me see – about 1999, 2000 or so – some fifty years ago. It was big project, I mean huge – a movie on a very grand scale. Three of them in a row, in fact.”

Billy: “How odd? I was here for something really massive as well. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turns out we both worked on the same thing?”
Dom: “Hysterical – but we would have met, don’t you think? I remember it being filmed over a year and a half and another two years or so coming back and doing pickups.”

Billy: “That is so strange! So do I! But why can’t I place you? You do look familiar.”
Dom: “As do you. Hey, you remember some little Yank, perky with these huge blue eyes?”
Billy: “No can’t say as I do – wait! Yeah I do! Funny giggle, could fall asleep anywhere, loved music – really loud music. He always carried around a suitcase full of CDs…”
Dom: “CDs?”
Billy: “You know what we had before they got rid of them. What was his name?”
Dom: “Oh, I had it right on the tip of my tongue. The name sounded like nature preserve. I can even see the little bugger…”
Billy: “I remember playing this joke on him, this game called ‘tig’ – or was it ‘teg’. Maybe it was ‘tog.’ You were in on it…I think.”
Dom: “Hmmm. I don’t remember anything like that at all.”
Billy: “Oh…”

Dom: “Well, what was the name of the film you were in?”
Billy: “Ah, Lord Something…”
Dom: “Odd name.”
Billy: “No, no – it was Lord of something, but I can’t seem to remember what it was…”
Dom: “It does sounds vaguely familiar – no bells ringing though. What was it about?”
Billy: “Some lord…”
Dom: “Right…Then, who did you play?”
Billy: “This guy named Pippin.”
Dom: “Oh, yeah? The son of Constantine?”
Billy: “Yeah, that’s right! Who did you play?”
Dom: “His name was Merry.”
Billy: “Funny, I don’t remember anybody in drag?”
Dom: “No, not Mary – Merry, like Christmas – but I can’t remember what it was all about. I draw a total blank here.”

Billy: “I do seem to remember this elderly chap – wore a big pointy hat, had a booming voice with a long grey beard, and this other guy, who wore this jewelry and who was always in need of a shower, kicked arse right and left like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, they both could use a wash. Another guy with a horn..."
Dom: "Was he any good?"
Billy: "Actually, I don't know. He could only play one note. Oh – and this leggy blonde chap with a bow and arrows, a really short guy with an axe and this other guy – another Yank, chubby sort – who said something to me like, ‘You’ve had a whole half already’.”
Dom: “What the…? A whole half of what?”
Billy: “I can’t imagine…”
Dom: “Maybe we dreamed it – or it’s one of them race memories…”
Billy: “Or an alien abduction. I know, we were hypnotized…”
Dom: “My mother always said I was too dense to be hypnotized. But it was fifty years ago after all…”

Billy: “You’d think even after fifty years you wouldn’t forget, especially if it was as big as we both think it was.”
Dom: “I know…God, I hate getting old.”
Billy: “I’m not fond of it either – ah, here she comes. Dom, I want you to meet my lovely bride, Miranda. Miranda, my love, this is Dom.”

(Tall woman, whitish blonde hair to her shoulders with a sweet smile enters. She wears a scabbard with a shield slung over her back. In her hand is a bag of pastries.)

Miranda: “Hello. Say, don’t I know you?”
Dom: “Maybe, and you do look familiar. Are you from around here?”
Miranda: “Australia, actually. How do you know my husband?”
Dom: “It seems we were in some huge flick five decades back, but neither one of us can remember the name of the thing.”
Billy: “You’ve always been good with names, love. Do you remember something with Lord in the title?”
Miranda: “From fifty years ago? Billy! Don’t mind him. He thinks I have the memory of an elephant. Please. Here, drink your cocoa before it cools…”
Billy: “Got me a cinnamon roll?”
Miranda: “Baker’s dozen. I’m not going to walk that far for just twelve. Would you like one – Dom, is it?”

Dom: “Oh, they smell and look lovely. *sigh* Thanks but I’ve got to watch my cholesterol these days. Well, that’s my bus. It was very nice meeting the two of you. Sorry I couldn’t remember – I know we’ve met before. You both look so very familiar to me. It’s a pity.”
Billy: “Tis at that. Maybe we’ll meet up again sometime and it’ll all come flooding back.”
Dom: “I’d like that. Goodbye Bill, good talking to you. Lovely meeting you, Miranda.” (exits)

Miranda: “Nice man that…if a bit odd.”
Billy: “Thanks for the cocoa, love. Hmm, that’s funny…”
Miranda: “What?”
Billy: “There’s no taste to it. My buds are all asleep.”
Miranda: “I wouldn’t worry, Bill. Give a chance. Maybe you just forgot.”

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Re: (dialogue contest entry)

Postby ashbow » Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:16 pm

Great piece Shireling...I didn't catch on at first, until they mentioned who they were playing.

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