Fallen Angel...a "Stoney Batter Gang" story

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Fallen Angel...a "Stoney Batter Gang" story

Postby ashbow » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:30 pm

"The phones for you", said Mom as she handed me the receiver. It was unusual for me to get a call, as everyone I played with was in walking distance. If you wanted to see if your friends were home, you walked over to their house. If they were outside playing, you joined in. If they weren't outside, you knocked on the front door. When you're a kid, you just show up at your friends house and assume if they are home that they want to play with you. Once you become a teenager the rules change, and you realize your friends may have other plans. Being a kid was a lot easier.
"It's Emory. My cousin Michael is over. Do you wanna come up and explore in the woods?" said my friend on the other line. Emory lived only five houses away, just around the curve. He was only calling because with his cousin there, he wasn't sure his mom would let him walk down and ask me to come up.
"Sure. I'll be up in five minutes" I said and hung up the phone. This was the extent of almost all of my phone conversations even later on as a teenager. Someone would call and ask if you could come over, and you told them yes or no, and when you'd be there. It took all of 15 seconds. My sister on the other hand, could call one of her friends and talk for 40 minutes about what they were going to wear, and what they might do. I never once in my life asked a friend what he was going to wear, or even noticed what he wore when I got there! Girls were just different.
I was putting on my shoes when I heard a knock on the door. Mom opened it up and let my friend Joe inside.
"You wanna go out and ride bikes", Joe asked.
"I'm goin' up to Emory's", I said. "His cousin Michael is over, and they wanna go back in the woods. Do you wanna come along?"
"Sure" said Joe.
"I'll let your mom know where you are if she calls for you", said Mom.
"Thanks" said Joe.
Joe and I started walking up to Emory's.
"I don't like Emory's cousin Michael that much", said Joe. "He just seems a little wild and Emory acts a lot different when he's around."
"Yeah, I know what you mean", I agreed. "I just wanna go exploring near the stream and hunt for some arrowheads."
When we got to Emory's house, we could hear him in the backyard playing, so we went down the driveway and around to the back. He and Michael were playing dodge ball, and it seemed they were arguing if a ball had bounced before it hit Michael. I knew well the argument, as me and Emory had had the same one many times, and sometimes we would get so mad that we swore we would never play with each other again…of course half an hour later we'd be back outside looking for each other to play again. The whole incident would have been completely forgotten.
"Hey, you guys ready to go in the woods" asked Emory, never even mentioning that I brought Joe along. Back then, if you happened upon a group of kids playing at their house, you could just join in without even bothering to ask.
"Yeah, let's get going", I said.
"Wait Emory", said Michael. "Remember we gotta bring Connie along with us." Michael headed to the back stairs and climbed up to the deck. "Connie, come on", he shouted through the screen door. "We're going back in the woods now."
Great, I thought to myself. We gotta bring a girl along.
"Why does he have to bring his sister with us", I asked Emory.
"My sisters are at a birthday party", said Emory. " Connie doesn't have anyone else to play with here, so his mom said we gotta take her with us."
I knew that Michael had a sister, but I never saw her before, I was a couple years older than Emory and Michael, and since Emory's sisters were even younger than he was, I just assumed Connie was going to be some little whiny eight year old.
Michael walked out onto the back deck, and an angel followed him out the door. I think my jaw dropped as I gawked at Connie. She looked like what I imagined a real life Alice-In-Wonderland would look like, with her golden hair pulled back by a head band, and beautiful blue eyes and a creamy white face. Best of all, she looked to be my age. I was love struck on the spot. I could vaguely hear Emory apologizing for having to bring her, and my own self answering "No, no, that's alright."
Michael brought Connie down to where we were, and she was even more stunning up close.
"This here's Connie" said Michael as he walked over to us. We exchanged brief hellos, and I amazed myself by no blushing on the spot. In a few seconds we were all walking down the path towards the woods. Joe was walking up close to Emory and Michael, so I kinda hung back a little and kept close to Connie. She seemed not to mind and soon spoke to me.
"So you and Emory are good friends", she asked.
"Yeah, I live only a few house away, and we've been friends since he moved here a couple years ago." I replied. "How long have you known Emory", I asked, just to keep talking with her.
"He's my cousin…I've known him since he was born", she said with a smile and a cute little laugh. I laughed too, 'cause it seemed she was laughing at what I said and not at me. I continued to talk with her while hiking through the woods, asking her about where she went to school, and sounding impressed when she replied, though I had never heard of the school she mentioned. I did learn she was in my grade, and that I seemed so much nicer than the boys she went to school with.
I felt like royalty walking the path in the woods with the lovely angel beside me. All too soon we came to the stream, and the rest of the boys started skipping stones or throwing sticks in to watch them float. We were all looking for old Indian arrowheads as we walked along the banks of the stream. I showed Connie the best places to look, where the river widened around bends, and deposited lots of rocks and dirt after a rain. Nobody was having much luck finding any, but we were all having fun. Just then out of the corner of my eye I spotted one. I quickly bent down and scooped it up.
"Hey look at this one" I shouted to everyone.
They all came and looked at it.
"Wow", said Emory. "That's the best one I ever saw. I had to agree with him. It was the best looking arrowhead I had ever found. I wrapped it in a handkerchief and stuffed it into my pocket.
"I'll help find one for you now Connie", I said feeling proud of my find, and even prouder of how gentlemanly I was acting, hoping I was impressing her.
It wasn't long before we were at the corner where the bank on our side was high above the stream.
"Hey, lets do the Tarzan swing", said Emory heading toward the big oak tree by the high bank. He grabbed onto the old vine that hung down from the entangled branches above and yanked on it to see that it was still strong. He went further up the hillside away from the bank, and tugged it hard again, just to make sure. Emory jumped on high and swung out past the path, over the raspberry bushes, and out where the bank dropped away twenty feet below to the stream. It was only a few seconds before he swung back and landed safely where he started. It was my turn next, and I pulled back as far as I could and swung way out over the bank, hoping to impress Connie.
"Can I try", she asked.
"Sure", I said handing her the vine when I returned. "Just hang on tight, jump and keep your feet up. I'll be here to catch you when you swing back." I was really looking forward to this, for I would have a good reason not only to touch her, but to pull her close to me when I caught her.
Connie jumped up and hung on. She swung out nicely, but not nearly as far as I had, and soon enough she started headed back towards me, and I was ready to catch her.
Suddenly from overhead I heard a snap, crack and a long whizz noise. I looked back at Connie and realized that the vine had snapped. I watched Connie still hanging onto the vine as she dropped smack down into the raspberry bushes and never made it to my waiting arms. I let out a yelp and heard Emory and Michael shout out to her. We all made our way quickly to where she was, and though all the other boys were looking for sticks to whack down the raspberry sticker, I lunged in jumping over and through as much as I could. Luckily she made it back to the bank, but now her dress and her long white stockings were ensnared in the thorny bushes. She had a few scratches on her arms, and little drops of blood were trickling down, but she hadn't a scratch on her pretty head.
"I'm so sorry" I frantically apologized as I reached her and started to carefully pull the thorny tendrils away from her dress and stockings. "Just don't move for a bit"
She landed pretty softly, and more skidded into the ground then dropped, but the scratches and surprise had her crying a little. "it's not your fault", she said. "It could have broken with anyone."
As I was grabbing the last clingers from her stockings, I had to reach up a little higher to get one, and turned red in embarrassment as in my haste to help I realized I was only a few inches from where I shouldn't be touching, high up the back of her leg. I softly but quickly pulled the last one out just as the rest of the guys had reached us making a sensible path by beating down the bushes with sticks. I helped her up and Michael and Emory grabbed her hands to lead her out of the bushes. I had to pry a few off of me as I had haphazardly jumped over the bushes to get to her.
"Aw man", said Michael looking at Connie's legs. "Me and Emory better take her back to the house. Mom is gonna be mad for sure."
"You want us to come along", I asked hoping to be with her a little longer."
"Nah", answered Emory. "You two can go on looking for arrowheads. If we're not back in half an hour, you'll know my Mom wouldn't let me come back out."
I was somewhat heartbroken, but I reached into my pocket and pulled out the handkerchief with the arrowhead and held it out to Connie. "Here Connie, you deserve this for all you been through."
She put one hand over top of it, and with her other hand she grabbed my hand from below, pulling me toward her. She kissed me right on the cheek and it seemed like it lasted forever. Keeping me close she whispered in my ear. "And you deserved this for all you have been through", she said with a smile.
I was speechless, but managed to smile back at her as Emory and her brother lead her away from me and back out of the woods.
Emory and Michael never made it back, and Joe and I didn't find anymore arrowheads. Joe never even mentioned the incident or the kiss the whole time we were looking, or come to think of it, anytime since that day. Now that is the sure sign of a good friend!
By the time we got back to Emory's house, Connie's parents had already came by and took her and Michael home. That was the last I saw of my first love too. Her family moved further away that year, and Emory's family visited them the next couple summers. When you're a kid, people come in and out of your life quickly, and you learn to accept that, but I will always remember Connie, the kiss , and when my angel fell to the ground.

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Re: Fallen Angel...a "Stoney Batter Gang" story

Postby Candy Kane » Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:37 pm

Nice one, Ashbow. Would you consider adding it to the archive?

I'd like to see it getting more use. It's linked on the Stories button at the top of the page as well.

Erm, you'll need to register there because it's a separate program, then I'll validate you. Once that's done, you can upload at will. There are tutorials for using it -- click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Anyway, I hope you'll consider using it to post your stories.
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