Knight and Day

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Knight and Day

Postby Azriel » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:29 pm

I just saw this movie over the weekend with my fiance.

He thought it was fun, I thought it sucked horribly.

It's basically a plotless action movie with ridiculously unoriginal stereotyped characters, lame dialogue, and quick cuts anytime it looks like plot might be approaching.
If this movie were meant to be a parody, it would have been good.
Cruise is an unbelievable rogue secret agent who performs a series of inexplicable/unexplained actions in a suave and calm manner - making casual comments and cracking jokes while being Mr.Awesome Agent Dude. Diaz is a ditzy, blonde plot device (possibly a misnomer, since there is little resembling a plot) who is dragged from scene to scene alternately screaming and being unconscious.

Sometimes action movies can be unbelievable but still good - Mr. and Mrs. Smith for instance. But the unbelievability has to be of a certain type, and there still needs to be good dialogue and plot to move the story forward. Knight and Day lacked everything needed for a good movie.
Despite being in a movie theater I couldn't stop myself from muttering aloud a couple times when the dialogue got particularly vacuous.
I want my money back.

Other opinions? Am I being too harsh?
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