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How to use this forum

Postby Cassie » Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:46 pm

As you may have noticed, we have a 'News' Section on the front page. That news section will feed directly off any threads posted in this forum. For that reason, please don't post any random threads in here :)

As far as subject matter goes for the news articles, we are looking in two areas:

* Any fantasy/sci-fi movie/tv series/book etc news.
* Any creative output (writing/art etc) that posters want highlighted.

If you find yourself some juicy news on the latest movie, or think you just finished a masterpiece, we want to hear about it in this forum :D

BUT, you must follow the guidelines below:

1) Start a thread with your news item in the appropriate forum (art/movies etc.) as you usually would.

2) Start a thread in THIS forum with the exact same info. However, at the bottom of your post provide a link to the original thread you made in the correct forum.

3) Once you post your new thread you will receive a message that it has to be approved by mods/admins.

4) Your thread will be approved and locked in this forum, and your thread will appear as a news article on the main page.

5) Anyone reading the news article can click on it and be taken to this forum, where they will see the whole post. If they then wish to leave a comment, they can click on the link to the original thread in the correct forum, and make their post there.

We are setting things up this way so that any future trolls/spammers can't post random crap in here that ends up on the front page. Also, we want your threads to be in the correct forum, as well as be in here, which is why we need you to post it twice.

If you have any questions or the above doesn't make sense, please reply to this thread :)
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