Hoyoung Lee’s Concept Printer

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Hoyoung Lee’s Concept Printer

Postby shireling » Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:26 pm

If Hoyoung Lee’s concept printer becomes reality, you’ll never throw away another pencil stub or buy another ink cartridge. The pencil printer separates the wood from pencils and uses the lead to print documents. There’s even a built-in eraser component that allows you to remove text from a page and reuse the paper, so you’ll be saving money and trees. -mothernaturenetwork:

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Re: Hoyoung Lee’s Concept Printer

Postby TomCotton » Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:55 pm

That looks neat at first, but you would not want to use that thing for any kind of legal documents. I really fail to see any kind of benifit other than being able to erase mistakes and then reuse the paper to print with corrected text. A careful preview before sending the document to print would take care of that most of the time. All of the paper I no longer need either gets reused for test prints and then recyled or directly recycled. Anything with sensitive information gets shredded then recycled. I do some mono colored document printing, but a lot of the documents I print have colored graphics on them along with the text. They also sometimes have colored text mixed in to highlight some information. Not possible with that printer. An interesting concept to keep an eye on, though. Thanks for the information. :)
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