Tolkien estate demands destruction of novel about J.R.R.T.

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Tolkien estate demands destruction of novel about J.R.R.T.

Postby Azriel » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:17 pm

Apparently someone has written a novel where Tolkien is the central character. The Tolkien estate is not pleased :lol:
Seems like a person should be allowed to include a dead historical figure in their writings.

Has the Tolkien estate gone too far?


The estate, registered in Oxford, where Tolkien was a university professor, is demanding the destruction of all copies of Steve Hillard's Mirkwood: A Novel About JRR Tolkien. The 450-page work recounts a young woman's quest to find her grandfather after discovering documents given to him by Tolkien. The estate is demanding an immediate halt to further sales, and threatens legal action to obtain damages.

I have to say, though the premise sounds fine, the title seems to have gone a little far.

Original post:
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