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Dead Man's Ditch by Candy Kane T
Eddie Marchant thought he'd get away with the hit and run.

The Terror of Mournside Manor by Withywindle K
Being a series of the recollected writings of His Grace the Comte de Montclare
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Am I Not Your Son? by Candy Kane T
Tauriel is banished, Legolas can not go home, and Aragorn is struggling to come...
The Broken Neck by Archemedes Quillbane M
Deep within ancient ruins a monster long dormant slumbers.
Spaced Out by Candy Kane T
Buffy's plan for a quiet DVD night goes awry.
Sleepy Hollow 2000 by Candy Kane K
Headless Horsemen prowling the countryside? In the 21st century? Surely not!
The Temazark Comet (working title) by ElviraStarkeeper T
Four Heroines, Four Quests, One Destiny. 

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I've updated the archive to the new version, which came out last month.

Posted by: Candy Kane on 10/11/10 - 09:43 am()

In an effort to match the archive properly to the forum, I've added the page background wrapper. I'm making changes to the page margins to fit the text in properly. Bear with me.

Posted by: Candy Kane on 28/10/10 - 10:40 am()

I've added some more blocks to the archive index page. These can be deleted if people don't want them, but I wanted to show you what's available here. Hopefully, the archive will start to fill up soon.

Posted by: Candy Kane on 22/09/10 - 09:27 am()